Will a Safe Step Tub fit in my bathroom?

If you're considering a Safe Step Tub, you've probably already seen the commercials that say it will fit in your existing bathtub space.  While this is true, there are many other obstacles that most people don't know to think about before calling to get a price.

How big is a Safe Step Tub?

The standard Safe Step Walk in Tub is actually only 28" Wide by 53" Long.  Whereas your standard bathtub is probably 29" Wide by 59" Long.  No, there won't be a gap at the end, there's actually a filler piece that's used for most walk in tubs to extend the full length of your old bathtub.

There are several other sizes available, one is an oversize tub and one is a smaller 28" Wide by 48" Long Walk in Bathtub that's designed to fit in an area with limited space or where a pre-existing walk in shower may have sat.

How to tell if a Safe Step Tub will fit...

If you're questioning whether or not a Safe Step Walk in Tub will fit in your home, it's not a bad idea to grab a measuring tape to see for yourself before getting a Free Estimate.

Here are some of the things you'll want to take into consideration...

     1.  Size of your entry door (Front Doors are usually 32"-36")

You'll want to measure your front door to be sure that the tub will fit through comfortably.  Rarely will there ever be a problem with this, as most front doors are at least 32" wide.  However, some mobile homes do have smaller doors.  Minimum required is typically 28" on a front entry.  

     2.  Size of any door between your entrance and the bathroom.

Does the bathtub have to fit through any other doors prior to getting to your bathroom (e.g. a bedroom door, hall archway or any other passage?  You'll want to measure the width to be sure that there aren't any major size restrictions here.  Doors below 28" in width are workable, depending on whether or not they can remove the door and the frame to accommodate a 28" clearance.

     3. Width of hallway and turning radius for getting the tub into the bathroom

Most hallways are a minimum of 32" in width, so you usually won't have any problems here.  Unless, you've got a very tight turn into another hallway or there are permanent obstacles preventing you from moving the tub into position (e.g. brick wall with less than 28" clearance, load bearing walls, etc...).

     4.  Width of Bathroom Door and ability to expand

Is your bathroom door 28" or wider? If yes, there shouldn't be any problem getting your new Safe Step Tub into position.  However, a door that's less than 28" can occasionally be difficult to widen.  If you're bathroom door is only 24" wide, look to be sure that there are no permanent obstacles protruding into the door frame dimensions.

Occasionally you'll find that the entrance to the bathroom is only 26" between the inside walls, just inside the bathroom door.  Keep in mind, you'll need a base minimum of 28" wall to wall to be able to get one of these walk in bathtubs through.  That's just the standard size safe step tub, not the oversize.

     5.  Obstacles inside the bathroom that prevent a straight line

Almost 80% of bathrooms in the United States, especially in older homes, have a restricted entry due to a vanity or commode sitting near the bathtub or bathroom door.  If this is the case, you'll probably be looking at a removal and replacement of either one of these items.  Safe Step does this all the time, so don't worry, it's not a show stopper.

     6.  Size of your existing bathtub

If your bathtub is the standard 59" there shouldn't be much of a problem getting a Safe Step Walk in Tub in place.  However, if it is less than 59" there can be problems with turning the new tub in order to get it into position.  For mobile homes that utilize a 53" bathtub, a 48" Safe Step Tub may be the route to go.  Depending on the size of the person that's looking to use it.

Even if your bathroom doesn't meet all of the dimensions above, there still may be a shot at getting a walk in bathtub in place.  Don't let this stop you from getting a Free Estimate for your new safe step walk in bathtub. There are many things that you and I don't know to look for, some of which may be relatively easy solutions to getting your new tub in place.

Maybe it isn't possible to put your new tub in the bathroom, and an existing closet or other area may be better suited to house your new tub.  Schedule your free estimate and let them come up with the solution that's going to work for you.  The worst that can happen is that it won't fit, and you're not out any money at all.

Safe Step Tub Dimensions...

  • Small: 28" x 48" x 38"
  • Standard Size: 28" x 53" x 38"
  • Oversize Tub: 31" x 55" x 38"

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